in harmony

Hagibor will resound with the classical music of Prague Philharmonia, who are relocating here and will provide these (phil)harmonic residences with an unprecedented cultural dimension.

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Music unites

The residential and work dimensions are not all that there is to Hagibor: it is also about culture and public space. It represents a focal point for gatherings, a stage for concerts, a venue for a huge variety of events. A new city district comes to life when culture takes root. Hagibor sets aside a space for culture, where PKF - Prague Philharmonia will move its home base.


The ensemble PKF - Prague Philharmonia was formed in 1994 at the behest of world-famous conductor Jiří Bělohlávek, initially under the name Pražská komorní filharmonie (Prague Chamber Philharmonic). Today, it is one of the most respected international orchestras. The drive to get every note and nuance just right, the energy and vigor that this orchestra carries in its DNA, are perfectly attuned to the idea behind Hagibor.