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While the business zone and residential part may represent two separate worlds, they ultimately both contribute to the wealth of opportunities offered by Hagibor: a whole slew of services, shops, better civic amenities and greater safety, set off against a friendly, laid-back neighborhood vibe.

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and leisure

Visually pleasing surroundings, a location within easy reach of all parts of Prague and beyond, imbued with the lifeblood of a residential area, further enhanced by a cultural dimension: the administrative buildings at Hagibor are perfectly situated to become a place where people will love to work and spend their free time.


The administrative building have been designed according to the latest architectural trends. This goes beyond mere functional considerations and compatibility with the latest technology: Crestyl, as a member of the Czech Green Building Council, is building environmentally-friendly office complexes – and in so doing delivers to tenants the long-term affordability of service fees and lower energy costs, compared to standard projects.

The perfect
work - live ballance.
That is Hagibor.