Designed in harmony with the forest

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Completed flats also under construction

Rise and shine
above the treetops

Start your day with coffee on your terrace, a walk along the vibrant promenade, or a run along the network of footpaths. Come back home with the feeling that you’ll be greeted by a familiar environment. Fall asleep with your window open and the fresh smell of trees all around. Enjoy the best of the city: its liveliness, its diversity, people you know and meet every day in cafés or out walking your dog. Live your life in the harmony that the forest brings to the city.

Rise and shine
above the treetops

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Most people think of the forest and the city as opposites. But the Hagibor project ingeniously links the two, offering its residents the best of both. This new project, on the border of the Vinohrady, Žižkov and Strašnice districts, offers a well-thought-out concept and emphasis on public space, with all civic amenities and great accessibility, surrounded by trees that help co-create a healthy environment for living. Hagibor is the ideal location for living, working, and leisure.

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  • 0 m2 of green space
  • up to 0 % lower NO2 concentration
  • positive energy

Average annual
NO2 concentration

  • (μg/m3) > 20
  • 20–22
  • 22–24
  • 24–26
  • 26–28
  • < 28

Life among
the trees

At Hagibor, the forest is part of the city and the city is part of the forest. Greenery permeates the entire complex. Trees are literally within reach - from the windows, from the terraces, from the sidewalks and footpaths that criss-cross the complex - giving living here an intimate, human dimension.

Small urban gardens, wooded areas, tree-lined paths, and a central square with mature trees that provide shade all improve the climate and create a public space for a relaxing life in the middle of the Hagibor community.

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  • 0 km of sidewalks and footpaths
  • 0 benches and plazas
  • walks and picnics

landscape architecture

Fresh air, a cooling effect, shade, and a quiet environment for relaxation away from the city bustle are just some of the many reasons why trees in the city are indispensable. Living in close contact with nature offers so many other benefits.

At Hagibor, greenery both connects and separates office and residential areas, creating space for games, picnics, sports, and neighborhood life. The treetops buffer the bustle down below from the calm upstairs on the balconies. Greenery helps delineate the public space, makes it more attractive, while improving the climate and helping to regulate the temperature inside and outside buildings. High-quality landscape architecture also increases the value of the property in the long run and turns a good location into a great address.


Michel Desvigne is the designer of Hagibor's unique urban concept. This internationally renowned landscape architect has worked on projects in over 20 countries and now, thanks to the Hagibor project, his portfolio now includes the Czech Republic. In his view, public space is key to living and working in the city. Greenery provides public space with cohesiveness, structure and unspoken order. This order helps makes public-private boundaries recognizable, distinguishing where the environment is intimate and peaceful, and where it’s lively and community-focused.

The project is the result of cooperation between Desvigne and the Czech studio Šmídová Landscape Architects. Together they have sensitively connected to the surrounding residential area and greenery, while simultaneously creating a separate oasis in which the city and forest intertwine, creating a healthy and beautiful environment for everyone.

Architekt Michel Desvigne

  • 0 trees
  • 0 m2 forest and lawns
  • comfort and singing birds

to everywhere

The Hagibor project is emerging on the border of the popular traditional Prague districts of Vinohrady and Strašnice. This prime location can be summed up in three words: close to everywhere. Hagibor connects seamlessly to Vinohradská Avenue. It's situated directly at the Želivského metro station, and is easily accessible by car, not far from the planned route of the eastern section of the city ring road.

Map of Prague and Hagibor

Hagibor is adapted to everyday life, entertainment and work. In one place, you’ll find modern housing, all civic amenities, shops, restaurants, opportunities for cultural and sports activities, as well as a wide range of job opportunities.

  • 0 min Želivského metro station
  • time and nerves saved
  • 0 min Wenceslas Square
  • 0 min o the D1, D4, D8 and D11 highways
  • 0 min Atrium Flora shopping center

More about the location

Terraces and balconies
in each apartment

Situated on one of the highest sites in Prague, Hagibor offers its residents unique views from its balconies and terraces, which seem to grow into treetops and become part of them.

Each apartment has a balcony, terrace or front garden, which provides plenty of privacy and a balance of functionality and design.

  • 0 balconies and terraces
  • views near and far

Long-term functional

At Hagibor, as with all its other projects, Crestyl places an emphasis on quality of materials, comfort, timeless design, and functional interiors. Our goal is to build apartments that will serve their residents well every day and that will still be attractive after decades.

"The Alpha, Beta and Gamma buildings together form a single entity, but like houses in a city, each is different. In this case, it’s the interplay and communication of three buildings linked by a central common area and park. The irregular shapes of the buildings complement each other, as if they've always belonged together. The position of their masses in relation to their surroundings forms the entrance forecourt, which is supported by the dynamic corner of the Beta building.

The architecture of the buildings is composed with an emphasis on individual apartments, which together form the structure of the buildings. The structural topography, emerging from a shared foundation, gives the buildings a human scale. At the same time, it creates thoughtful shading and privacy for its residents.”

Eduard Trembulák, IBA


The central promenade leads from the Želivského metro station through the heart of Hagibor and provides passers-by with countless opportunities to stop for coffee, good food, or do some shopping on the way home. In the spring, when the ground floors of the buildings open and the cafés and restaurants set out tables and chairs, the promenade will fill with life and warm energy will flow through it.

The intertwining of the city, the forest and the promenade in the spirit of European metropolises is an attractive and unique element in Prague, transforming Hagibor into a prestigious address imbued with a harmonious atmosphere connected with nature.

From the dock's creator

CRESTYL is the market leader in building multipurpose residential, administrative, and commercial complexes, where the individual functions are seamlessly intergrated to form a vibrant community.

Just like the DOCK, where CRESTYL has transformed a neglected harbor in the Libeň District in Prague into a prestigious residential locality and the headquarters of numerous businesses, HAGIBOR is being created in accordance with the developer's motto – "CRESTYL Turns Uniques Places into Fantastic Neighborhoods".

The awards we receive for our projects year after year are a testimony to the success of our endeavors.

Alfa Beta Gamma


The Alpha and Beta buildings are part of the first phase of construction. The apartments are ready to move in.

The Gamma building is part of the second phase of construction with the final inspection scheduled for mid-2024 and handover of the apartments in late 2024.

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Completion of building
Gamma – 2024

Buildings Alfa and Beta
are completed

Completed apartments

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