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Hagibor’s trump card is its location within the city. Quiet surroundings and one of the highest elevations among Prague quarters ensure healthy, fresh air, further improved by literal hectares of parkland. It may seem as if the green expanse is boundless... with the park of Malešice being not far off.


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The backbone of Hagibor is the pedestrian-only boulevard, on one end the continuation of Vinohradská třída, and on the other end opening into an amphitheater resounding with the Prague Philharmonia’s renditions of classical music. Cafés, restaurants, shops and places for rest and relaxation, Hagibor will be pulsating with life around the clock, as befits a modern European metropolitan district.


The task of interconnecting a residential development in a center with calming elements, a lively boulevard, and administrative buildings providing services, so that a harmonious, well-functioning whole is created, was put into the hands of Michal Desvigne, the world-famous landscape architect. The hustle and bustle of a major thoroughfare, with its stores and restaurants, will be offset by green islands, and above all by the two hectares of parkland next door, creating a pleasant backdrop for work and life.

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The overall concept lies in the hands of Michel Desvigne, the leading contemporary landscape architect. He has found a nifty solution for every aspect, always paying respect to the greater context, and putting the privacy of future residents front and center.

Nature just a few steps away

Green islands help calm the pulse of the boulevard, while green courtyards provide silent oases. The quarter is dominated by a two-hectare park, which incorporates a section of metropolitan bike trail, and borders on a sports complex with tennis courts.

Architecture in balance

In a joint creative effort, the international firms Bogle Architects and Ian Bryan Architects devised an airy, translucent space, which accentuates each of the houses and offers a well-balanced blend of design and functionality.

Breeziness and openness

Giving the buildings a multifaceted structure is an ingenious way of providing residents with shade and privacy, whereas the French doors leading out to the patios lend these homes a dimension of breeziness and openness. At the same time, painstaking attention has been given to the smallest details, with a view to being compatible with cutting-edge technology.

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A knack for design and sophisticated style, comfort and premium materials is supplemented by a sense for lasting value unswayed by short-lived trends, thus forming the bedrock underpinning each of our projects.

As with all projects, so in the case of Hagibor, Crestyl does not simply put up "another few houses". They concern themselves with the urbanist concept as a whole, creating pulsating, well-functioning, environmentally-friendly city districts that satisfy the increasingly sophisticated demands and wishes of residents and office tenants. They must be doing it right, judging from the awards and accolades that their residential projects keep racking up each year.

and financing

  • If you find the idea of living at Hagibor attractive, you should contact us to arrange for a meeting.
  • In the case of your interest in a specific property, we will gladly prepare a reservation agreement and keep the unit reserved for you. The reservation agreement entails a CZK 150,000 fee, payable within five days from signing the reservation agreement, whereas this amount counts fully towards the purchase price.
  • Within one month from signing the reservation agreement, we will enter into a future purchase agreement with you. At this point, only 20% of the purchase price will be asked from you, payable within 10 days.

    20% 80%

  • The remaining 80% of the purchase price only become due for payment after the occupancy permit has been issued (within 10 days). At that point, we will execute the purchase agreement proper.


We help you finance your Hagibor home

Let us guide you along the path towards obtaining the funds for your new home. We will find the most efficient financing scheme for any of the apartment units pertaining to the Hagibor project, including insurance and supplementary services. No need to make the rounds: in a single spot, you may arrange everything from the first meeting to the drawdown of funds, to picking up the keys to your residence. Join the ranks of Hagibor's everyday heroes!

  • Free appraisal
  • zero handling fees
  • lowest interest rate Make sure you get a favorable interest rate today
    you will only draw the mortgage loan after the apartment is ready for you to move in.

Hypotéka Crestyl will offer you the most favorable mortgage product, help you complete the documentation, and take care of all communication with the land registry and the financing bank.

Leave all the arrangements to Ing. Matúš Kuchálik, who is intimately familiar with the project and will be able to provide you with pin-point advice. Matúš Kuchálik is a financial advisor with Partners Group, who specialize in financial planning, especially for personal investments. Mr. Kuchálik holds the prestigious European €FA certificate – a hallmark of quality and trustworthiness. Another huge benefit for you is this: if Matúš Kuchálik finds himself unable to successfully arrange financing for you, we will refund the reservation fee! Because of this, securing a timely reservation for your dream property is completely risk-free for you.

Contact him at: +420 777 330 118


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