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Realitní projekt roku 2022


2024 Completed apartments
and units under construction

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2022 Dokončené byty,
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There is no better reference than a finished apartment, and we'll be more than happy to show you one.

Model apartment

251 new units

Kappa –
New Building, New Opportunities

Spring 2024 will mark the launch of the sale of units from the next stage of the Hagibor project – the Kappa building located in the western part of the complex, near the beginning of the living promenade, a few steps from the Želivského Metro Station.

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building apartments

  • 624 0 balconies, terraces,
    and front gardens
  • views and panoramas

Terraces and balconies
in each apartment

Situated on one of the highest sites in Prague, Hagibor offers its residents unique views from its balconies and terraces, which seem to grow into treetops and become part of them.

Life among
the trees

Hagibor is an integral part of Prague's nature. The complex is embedded in the surrounding greenery, where trees are quite literally within reach: from the window, from the terrace, and from adjacent sidewalks and footpaths that crisscross the entire area and impart an intimate human feel.

Small urban gardens, foliage-lined walkways, and mature trees in the central plaza create shaded areas, improve the local climate, and translate into a public space conducive to a comfortable life amid the Hagibor community. No other place in Prague offers so much greenery, so close to the subway and the city center.

  • 350000 0 m2 of green space
  • up to 20 0 % lower NO2 concentration
  • positive energy


Nature and the city are generally perceived as opposites. Hagibor, however, ingeniously brings the two together and provides its residents with the best of both worlds. This new project, on the border of the Vinohrady, Žižkov and Strašnice districts, offers a well-thought-out concept and emphasis on public space, with all civic amenities and great accessibility, surrounded by trees that help co-create a healthy environment for living. Hagibor is the ideal location for living, working, and leisure.

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Average annual
NO2 concentration (μg/m3)

  • > 20
  • 20–22
  • 22–24
  • 24–26
  • 26–28
  • < 28


As is the case with all other Crestyl's projects, Hagibor emphasizes comfort, timeless design, and quality of building materials. The objective is to create an environment for comfortable living. Individual structures are designed to be integral parts of the entire complex, where harmony is achieved by diversity, by matching the old with the new, and, in the case of Hagibor, by merging the cityscape with nature.

Quality architecture and design is not about short-term charm, but rather lasting beauty that isn’t subject to fashion trends. That is why we only work with excellent architects, both local and international. We choose those who have extensive experience and enrich our projects with non-traditional views and inspirations from elsewhere. A very important part of our projects are the common areas and the building surroundings.

At Hagibor, we're not just putting up some apartment buildings, like with some projects. We embrace the project’s concept as a living whole, creating lively city districts that are functional and meet the growing demands of its residents, while being environmentally friendly. Our approach must be working - as attested by annual awards for residential projects.

Ian Bryan Architects

landscape architecture

Fresh air, a cooling effect, shade, and a quiet environment for relaxation away from the city bustle are just some of the many reasons why trees in the city are indispensable. Living in close contact with nature offers so many other benefits.

In Hagibor, green areas both interconnect and separate office facilities and residential buildings, creating spaces for recreation, sports, and community life. Tree crowns separate the hustle and bustle of the street from the serenity found on the terraces above. Greenery divides the public space into segments, enhancing its esthetics, improving the climate, and moderating the temperature both inside and outside buildings. Moreover, top-quality landscaping helps property values appreciate over the long-term, as it transforms a good locality into an excellent address.

Parks system Saclay
© Michel Desvigne – MDP

Fresh air, a cooling effect, shade, and a quiet environment for relaxation away from the city bustle are just some of the many reasons why trees in the city are indispensable. Living in close contact with nature offers so many other benefits.

At Hagibor, greenery both connects and separates office and residential areas, creating space for games, picnics, sports, and neighborhood life. The treetops buffer the bustle down below from the calm upstairs on the balconies. Greenery helps delineate the public space, makes it more attractive, while improving the climate and helping to regulate the temperature inside and outside buildings. High-quality landscape architecture also increases the value of the property in the long run and turns a good location into a great address.


Hagibor's concept of nature in the city has been created by Michel Desvigne, one of the world's most acclaimed landscape architects. This internationally renowned landscape architect has worked on projects in over 20 countries and now, thanks to the Hagibor project, his portfolio now includes the Czech Republic. In his view, public space is key to living and working in the city. Greenery provides public space with cohesiveness, structure and unspoken order. This order helps makes public-private boundaries recognizable, distinguishing where the environment is intimate and peaceful, and where it’s lively and community-focused.

The project is the result of the collaboration between Desvigne and the Czech studio Šmídová Landscape Architects. Together, the two partners have created a beautiful oasis that provides a healthy environment for everyone.


The central promenade leads from the Želivského metro station through the heart of Hagibor and provides passers-by with countless opportunities to stop for coffee, good food, or do some shopping on the way home. In the spring, when the ground floors of the buildings open and the cafés and restaurants set out tables and chairs, the promenade will fill with life and warm energy will flow through it.

Intertwining the city, nature, and a pedestrian promenade in the spirit of European metropolises is an attractive feature, unique in Prague, giving Hagibor the standing of a prestigious address imbued with a harmonious atmosphere and interweaved with nature.

From the dock's creator

CRESTYL is the market leader in building multipurpose residential, administrative, and commercial complexes, where the individual functions are seamlessly intergrated to form a vibrant community.

Just like the DOCK, where CRESTYL has transformed a neglected harbor in the Libeň District in Prague into a prestigious residential locality and the headquarters of numerous businesses, HAGIBOR is being created in accordance with the developer's motto – "CRESTYL Turns Uniques Places into Fantastic Neighborhoods".

The awards we receive for our projects year after year are a testimony to the success of our endeavors.

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