Detail bytu A.06.01 o dispozici 3+KK

3+KK apartment
92.5 ㎡ + 6.2 ㎡ Floor area + Terrace/Balcony

14 291 600 Kč (with VAT)

r. n. room name usable area m2
11.01 Vstupní hala 18.8 ㎡
07.01 Toaleta 2 ㎡
01.01 Obývací pokoj 19.1 ㎡
05.01 Ložnice 12.9 ㎡
05.02 Ložnice 12.8 ㎡
02.01 Kuchyň 9.4 ㎡
08.01 Koupelna + toaleta 6.3 ㎡
14.01 Komora 1.9 ㎡
12.01 Chodba 4.4 ㎡
17.01 Balkon 6.2 ㎡

Usable area is the area you use in the property - it can also be called "carpet", ie the area on which the carpet can be laid. It does not include balconies, terraces. The sales area includes this usable area as well as the internal partitions of the property, as well as the area covered by built-in items such as built-in wardrobes or a bathtub. However, the sales area does not include the area of installation shafts and siding, which perform a thermal insulation function.

Apartments similar to A.06.01

A1.06.02 - 3+KK

building ALFA
06 NP

96.9 ㎡ + 20 ㎡

17 403 500 Kč
(with VAT)


B2.06.02 - 3+KK

building BETA
06 NP

83.4 ㎡ + 20.3 ㎡

14 880 000 Kč
(with VAT)


B.06.01 - 3+KK

building GAMMA
06 NP

91.1 ㎡ + 9.8 ㎡

14 364 800 Kč
(with VAT)


B.07.01 - 3+KK

building GAMMA
07 NP

91.1 ㎡ + 6.2 ㎡

14 519 900 Kč
(with VAT)


A.07.01 - 3+KK

building GAMMA
07 NP

92.5 ㎡ + 9.8 ㎡

14 495 300 Kč
(with VAT)



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Through our extensive experience in bringing housing to life for hundreds of families, we stay abreast of the latest trends in design while also monitoring quality/price ratios. Thanks to our long-term relationships with bathroom and interior studios, we can offer high standard finish levels at reasonable prices.

You can change certain elements of the standard finish as part of “client changes”, which are generally higher standard adaptations made at the client’s expense. Such changes include the appearance of the bathroom, floor and wall surfaces, interior doors, and, on a case-by-case basis, changes to electrical installations or other equipment.

The Hagibor project is designed to a higher standard under the direction of the architectural studio Ian Bryan Architects. If you don’t need to make any exceptional adaptations to the original concept, client changes are not necessary, and we generally don’t even recommend them to maintain a unified architectural concept.

The project envisages the use of state-of-the-art technologies - intelligent control systems, air conditioning, air recuperation, and underfloor heating.

Client changes can still be implemented for the Gama building. They are already closed for the Alfa and Beta buildings so that construction can continue.

A detailed description of the client change process can be found in the Client Change Manual, which will be provided to you by our salesperson.

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Top-quality living- thanks to numerous factors, including a location in one of Prague’s highest points, guaranteeing fresher air and beautiful views that will be enjoyed by all Hagibor residents. Each apartment has a balcony or a terrace, provides complete privacy, and balances design and function.

Owing to its tranquil atmosphere and excellent accessibility from downtown Prague, the Prague 10 district is an increasingly sought-after locality.

Mapa Prahy s pozicí Hagiboru
  • 0 min Želivského metro station
  • minutes and nerves saved
  • 0 min Wenceslas Square
  • 0 min to the D1, D4, D8 and D11 highways
  • 0 min Atrium Flora shopping center

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